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Switching off and reconnect

Last weekend I spent time in North Wales, where there was no phone signal or WiFi. Not being able to access my email and messages initially made me feel uncomfortable, and I found myself reaching for my phone to check if anything new had arrived. However, when there was no other option, I found it was possible to switch off.

There are many benefits of disconnecting from the constant barrage of information that we all receive on a daily basis. I noticed that my neck was less stiff from it not being in text neck position for extended periods. There was a deeper quality of conversation resulting from the feeling of having more time. I also spent time reflecting on what is important to me rather than being distracted by responding to what is coming in. Just relaxing and enjoying the freedom from tech for a few days felt so good and reenergising.

I am now wondering how to build this in on a regular basis. Perhaps one weekend a month where I switch off all my devices?

Does anyone have any recommended strategies that work well?


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