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Impact strengths

I've recently successfully completed the Essentic Positive Method Certification programme and I am delighted to be fully qualified in the use of Point Positive®.

As part of the programme, I went through the Point Positive process, which is completely unlike anything I have experienced previously. It's a bit daunting asking family, friends and colleagues to write stories about you at your best, but what an amazing privilege to read the thoughtful, funny, emotional, and deeply personal stories that I received. I laughed and cried. I found out things about myself and how I am perceived by others that both surprised and reassured me, and the stories paint a remarkably similar picture of me, irrespective of its source.

I now have an inventory of my impact strengths. I draw on these in many different situations. I also have developed an impact strength statement, based on the stories and words used within them. I share this below.

If you would like to understand your impact strengths, I'd be delighted to help. It's powerful!


"I have my greatest impact when cultivating multiple perspectives non-judgementally to create an environment in which innovative thinking can flourish. Combining my impact strengths of curiosity, kindness and respect for individual differences, with calm positivity and quiet influence, I partner with others to explore ideas, develop creative solutions to complex questions and the courage to take action. I believe in the resourcefulness of people and their ability to draw on their own knowledge and experience to make positive change for themselves and to influence their work, life and relationships."



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