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Past experiences and expectations shape current reality

I’ve recently had COVID, resulting in a loss of sense of taste. I’ve realised that my expectation of enjoying a home cooked meal has meant that I hadn’t noticed that I couldn’t actually taste it! Having become aware of this, I am now noticing the texture of food in a way that I haven’t before.

Pausing and thinking about this seemingly small situation has helped me to become aware of a range of things, from how past experiences shape the present, that expectations can create their own self-fulfilling outcomes, to the opportunity to engage my range of senses more fully.

I often have coaching conversations with clients to disentangle past experiences to gain clarity on a current situation and set intentions for the future. My own recent reflections have reminded me how easy it is to be unaware of so much that is going on, and the value of making time to reflect, with or without a coach.

How often are your past experiences and existing expectations preventing you from being aware of and fully participating in your current reality?


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